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I'm RENAE. I'm a musician and creator of magical things. My mission is simply to make powerful music & mindful experiences that light you up and help you remember how amazing you are. 💫



All of our music has a cosmic wellness theme. 

On Signs, we've created a song for each zodiac sign. 

On Align, there's a song for each of the 7 chakras.

Both albums have a unique mix of

cinematic pop songs + meditation music

Experience the full, interactive zodiac adventure + email journey in The Signs Portal



Every song we make is designed to raise your vibe and inspire you.

That's why every song has its own product collection -

so you're reminded of how magical you are on the daily.



Licensing: If you or your company wants to license our music for a video, video game, or commercial, we got you! We also offer custom music services - to create original songs and experiences for your brand. 


Licensing / Custom Collabs:

Disney, Hulu, Apple, Les Mills

Partnerships: If you or your company feels a resonance with our work and would like to collaborate, don't hesitate to reach out!


Wellness Partners:

The Chopra Center, YogaJournal



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