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Heart Chakra Love Vibes Module

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You are ready...

+ To give yourself more compassion and self-care! 

+ To manifest more loving relationships! 
+ Dance in the stream of bliss and love on the daily!! 

Are you...?

+ Always putting other's happiness at the expense of your own?
+ Too hard or critical on yourself? 
+ Finding it difficult to love and accept yourself as you are? 
+ Feeling stuck in patterns of unloving relationships?

If so, I can totally relate. 

My name is RENAE, I’m an artist, musician, and intuitive guide who just a few years ago, went through the same feelings you’re going through now.

But then things started to change. 

I stepped into my truth as an artist and created my first album called Align, I went back to school for a masters program in psychology, and I embarked on my own personal healing spiritual journey. After a few years of exploration, growth, and experiential learning, I compiled all of my favorite lessons and modalities into a step-by-step, comprehensive, system called Align Your Vibes, the eCourse.


Align Your Vibes

Love Vibes  HEARt ChAkRA 

'Love Vibes [Heart Chakra]' is the 4th module from our eCourse, Align Your Vibes. The full Align Your Vibes program has 7 modules total, each focused on one of the 7 chakras. While the full course will be released in April 2018, we wanted to give you a special preview and offer you 'Love Vibes [Heart Chakra] today! Yas!


In this course we will be embodying Love Vibes through the experiential, fun modalities such as...

Music ✨MindfulnessSinging MovementArt Making✨Affirmations✨Chakras✨



Check out the Align Your Vibes trailer here...

What's in the Love Vibes module? 

+ An easy to follow, step-by-step process of how to align with the frequency of Love within 

+ Over 1 hour of videos - divided into 8 sub videos - of me talking and leading you through experiential exercises


+ A fun (and glittery) PDF, fillable workbook to fill out as you go through each video

Sneak Peak 

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What you will walk away with...

+ An embodied experience with your true vibration of Love


+ Deeper awareness and connection with your body, mindset, and heart chakra

+ An aligned vibration that will attract more loving relationships into your life

+ 5 meditation alignment tools to center you in the stream of unconditional love (body wake up sequence, listening, movement, and singing meditations)

+ 2 mindset exercises to bring awareness to thought patterns and to choose more harmonious thoughts

+ An original piece of art, created by you, that represents your heart chakra

+ A workbook filled with your personal insights about the experience of your true vibration

+ A clear action plan that outlines your new 2018 daily alignment practice, to continue your alignment with Love throughout 2018!

Ready to align?

Join Love Vibes today!

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Align with your true vibration of Love through easy, fun, artistic meditation techniques!

©RENAE 2018