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RENAE's intention is to share her teachings with as many people as possible. That is why she offer's this eCourse as "Pay What You Want." The eCourse features nearly 7 hours of video lessons, workbooks, and exercises, and is normally valued at $100 - $500. However, in order to get the most out of this experience we suggest the price you pick be one that works for you. It should be a price you chose based on what feels good, what generates a sense of commitment within you to apply the teaching and do the work, and what makes you feel like you invested in yourself. Enjoy!

I  Want   To   Feel...

“Before the course, I had a bad relationship with myself. I have always had low self-esteem and that was one of the reasons I purchased the course. The mindset alignment helped me to realize how my current beliefs and thoughts affected my self-image. When Renae used the example of the piano to show how dissonant beliefs were out of harmony, it clicked for me. I could finally see how my toxic thoughts were out of harmony with my true self. They were clashing like two wrong notes on a piano. I could finally see that if I shifted my thoughts and beliefs, then that would lead my mindset to be in harmony with my true self. After I finished the course, I felt enlightened and balanced. I have learned to be more in tune with myself, and to try to practice it daily. I have also learned how my thoughts affect my true self, for good or for bad. I have also learned how beneficial listening, moving, singing and expressing myself can be. I am truly thankful to Renae for creating this wonderful course, but also for the unlimited access so that I can go back again and again.” - Sarah 


"The Harmonic Mindsets list was really helpful in getting me to evaluate my thinking habits and being more mindful of how I wanted to feel. It's so easy to keep the white noise of that negative inner voice going without realizing it. Thinking in terms of how I want to feel helps change that voice into something more loving and positive. I think that works better than just telling myself to think better thoughts…[My art project] is pretty simple, but it was still a lesson in allowing myself to be human, connect more mindfully via the heart, and what it all means for me. Everything from the choice of words, the colors, the sparkles... I just let my heart guide me to it and once I was done I was really surprised by the power it had. One of those "whoa..." moments, at least for me" - Aubree



Sarah L.

"I absolutely loved this course from Renae. The course workbook itself is colourful and insightful. The modules are well laid out with fun exercises to do. This was a fun course to work through and I learned a lot about myself as well as daily exercises to keep myself aligned too. The best part about this course is that you can go back and re-take it as many times as you want. I can't wait for [more]” - Sarah L.

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