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Align with your true self & manifest your dream life with RENAE’s Align Your Vibes experience - a step-by-step personal growth method using music, mindfulness, and expressive arts

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Do you...

  • Want to feel more fulfilled instead of wondering WTF am I doing with my life?

  • Wish you understood how to better feel your intuition and manifest those magical visions inside of you?

  • Want to be able to express your voice, creativity, and your beautiful unique self with the world?

  • Wish you had a more loving relationship with yourself and others?

  • Want to learn how to confidently radiate who you are? #yasqueen!

  • Desire to be more creative in your life and career?

  • Want to feel more grounded and calm inside because you’re tired of feeling anxious and stressed out all the time?

If you read any these statements and were like “oh wow YES that’s me” then you are in the right place!

I can totally relate. #ifeelya


My name is RENAE, I’m an artist, musician, and intuitive who just a few years ago, went through the same feelings you’re going through now.

But then things started to change.

I stepped into my truth as an artist and created my first album called Align, I went back to school for a masters program in Transpersonal Psychology, and I embarked on my own personal healing spiritual journey. After a few years of exploration, growth, and experiential learning, I compiled all of my favorite modalities and realizations into a step-by-step, comprehensive method: Align Your Vibes.

👉 whAT'S SO UNIQUE ABOUT  Align Your Vibes 



"Art washes away from the soul the dust from everyday life" ~ Picasso


Do you feel like rigid mindset practices just don't vibe with your creative, free spirit?
Align Your Vibes with expressive art modalities to express yourself fully & manifest a life you love!


✨ Align Your Vibes is not your typical eCourse, our beautiful students have shared that it is a truly transformational, artistic experience - combining expressive at, chakras, personal growth, music, singing - one that will leave feeling like your true self again ✨

✨ I want you to take a moment and imagine,
what would your life be like if you... ✨

Woke up every morning fueled with a sense of deep purpose…

Could effortlessly envision and manifest your soul’s desires and dreams…

Could easily express your voice and creativity with the world…

Loved yourself were surrounded by love from others

Confidently radiated who you are every day…

Had an unlimited stream of creativity flowing through you

Finally understood how to ground yourself through the continuous mental noise

👉When you join Align Your Vibes you get access to transformational content to attract more of what you want in your life 


Harmonize Your Mindset 

+ 14 unique, artistic “Harmonize” mindset exercises to bring awareness to thought patterns and to choose more harmonious thoughts




+7 “Sing” exercises for each chakra - where you learn a unique musical mantra, that is lyrically, melodically, and sonically designed to powerfully align your vibration




+7 “Move” exercises for each chakra - where you practice meditative, authentic movement to move into the stream of your true self




+ 7 “Embody” exercises for each chakra - that will begin to open your body to receive the frequency of your true self



+7 “Listen” exercises for each chakra - where you practice mindfulness through listening to music


Create an Expressive Art Project that embodies who you are

+ 7 (or more) original pieces of art, created by you, that expresses your true self and makes you feel so so so good and high on vibes in the process



Reflective Journal 

+ 7 reflective journals filled with your personal insights about the experience of your true vibration to ground your energy so you can feel calm and free of mind during your day



Video Guidance

+ Video guidance that will give you deeper awareness and connection with your mind, body and soul



5 Minute Daily Self Care Routine 

+ A 5 minute routine to align your vibes in your daily life that you can practice anytime and anywhere :)


1. 5 minute exercise plan
A step-by-step daily plan that outlines a super simple, 5 minute exercise of how to bring all of the course exercises into your daily life 

2. Align Deluxe Digital Album
Listen, dance, sing, meditate and align :)


3. Reflection Journal
A 30-page reflection journal filled with worksheets, inspiration, and colorful glitter :) that you will be prompted to fill out during each of the videos! 

❤️️ Listen to Tori talk about Align Your Vibes ❤️️


Yep! You no longer ‘have’ to stick to rigid mindset practices and scheduled meditations to rewire your brain.


In all areas of your life, Align Your Vibes guides you to attract more of what you want in your life.


You’ll learn alignment practices and expressive arts modalities that aligns each of your 7 chakras for a truly transformation mind, body and soul experience.

Wanna feeling confident and free? Speak your truth to your friends and family? Attract loving relationships? Listen to your intuition? Feel sensual & free in your divine feminine body and flow? Overcome money blocks and attract money and abundance to you?

Yaas queen, that’s the true mind, body, soul power of Align Your Vibes and I am so grateful + excited to share this with you :)

Now - you can feel good, uplift your mood and feel more aligned with your true vibration with fun, creative expressive art modalities.


This is the solution you have been looking for - and I am so excited to share it with you.

Today, I am grateful for every moment of my life and am truly living my dreams. I live on the beach with my husband, puppy, and cat, and we make a living by creating music and products for people to live their best lives! I wake up every morning with a deep sense of purpose, joy, and am surrounded by beautiful relationships with people who lift me up instead of bringing me down #GoodVibesOnly!

And, I would love for you to be able to connect to your true vibration and live this high vibe lifestyle, too!


“Before the course, I had a bad relationship with myself. I have always had low self-esteem and that was one of the reasons I purchased the course.The mindset alignment helped me to realize how my current beliefs and thoughts affected my self image. When Renae used the example of the piano to show how dissonant beliefs were out of harmony, it clicked for me. I could finally see how my toxic thoughts were out of harmony with my true self. They were clashing like two wrong notes on a piano. I could finally see that if I shifted my thoughts and beliefs, then that would lead my mindset to be in harmony with my true self. After I finished the course, I felt enlightened and balanced. I have learned to be more in tune with myself, and to try to practice it daily. I have also learned how my thoughts affect my true self, for good or for bad. I have also learned how beneficial listening, moving, signing and expressing myself can be. I am truly thankful to Renae for creating this wonderful course, but also for the unlimited access, so that I can go back again and again.” - Sarah 


"The Harmonic Mindsets list was really helpful in getting me to evaluate my thinking habits and being more mindful of how I wanted to feel. It's so easy to keep the white noise of that negative inner voice going without realizing it. Thinking in terms of how I want to feel helps change that voice into something more loving and positive. I think that works better than just telling myself to think better thoughts…[My art project] is pretty simple, but it was still a lesson in allowing myself to be human, connect more mindfully via the heart, and what it all means for me. Everything from the choice of words, the colors, the sparkles... I just let my heart guide me to it and once I was done I was really surprised by the power it had. One of those "whoa..." moments, at least for me" - Aubree

"I absolutely loved this course from Renae. The course workbook itself is colourful and insightful. The modules are well laid out with fun exercises to do. This was a fun course to work through and I learned a lot about myself as well as daily exercises to keep myself aligned too. The best part about this course is that you can go back and re-take it as many times as you want. I can't wait for the other chakras to be released.” - Sarah 



  • How long do I have access to the course?


Forever my friend!! When you register for Align Your Vibes - you will get lifetime access & receive additional content to the course as we grow ☺️ we will also be creating new content for you from your feedback and questions! ☺️

  • How is the course content delivered?


The Align Your Vibes content is delivered in over 7 hours of videos, plus, reflective journals to write down your thoughts + ideas while working through the video content ✏️📓

  • How do I access the course content?

Shortly after registering your place on Align Your Vibes you will receive and email containing a link to your exclusive course page. You will create your own username and password for you to easily login.

  • Is this course for me?

If you are tired of rigid mindset routines and love art and music - Align Your Vibes is a fun 7-step method that will support you to connect to your true self, express yourself authentically and align with your powerful, divine flow - this course experience is for you!

Ready to align?

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What you will walk away with...

When you join us for the Align Your Vibes experience, you will learn:

  1. To connect to your mind, body and soul in a way that will support you to manifest your dream life

  2. Expressive art modalities to support you to express yourself authentically in art & your life

  3. Mindset exercises that will support you to ‘think’ and ‘feel’ more harmonious thoughts

  4. Connect with your true vibration and life purpose to live your life with more joy, fulfillment and divine flow

  5. Meditation alignment tools to calm any anxiety, free your mind for high vibe thoughts to flow and center you in the stream of unconditional love

©RENAE 2018