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Where the love comes from

It doesn't matter if you find it in the rolling seas 

Up inside the heavens, or in the breath you breathe 

In the center of a daisy, or in the fields of gold

In the blue eyes of a stranger, or deep in your own soul 

It doesn't matter where you find it, as long as you feel warm 

Cause to feel it and to spread it, is the reason we were born.


                          ~ RENAE 

RENAE © 2017 \ www.renaemusic.com

When I Look In The Mirror


When I look in the mirror I can see me again 

After all of the years of playing pretend

It's the me that I was back at 5 years old

Before I was lied to, before I was told

To watch what I eat, to brown in the sun 

To cover my lines or I'll never be loved 

They made fun of my nose and the point of my chin 

And never once taught me how to see within 

We look through a filter, a distorted mask

Let the tears of the pain clear the fog from the glass

Labels aren't written in permanent ink 

They're societal makeup you can wash down the sink 

Cause who I really am is more than skin deep

I'm the love, I'm the spirit, the me that's beneath 

And if we realized that this is who we really are 

We'd identify less with what divides us apart

We're obsessed as a culture with "beauty" and rank 

Have we all forgotten deep down were the same?

When I live from this place, I have nothing to prove 

The mirror starts reflecting more of the truth

I love my hair and my eyes and the shape of my nose 

Cause the light from within is now making me glow 

After all of the years of playing pretend 

When I look in the mirror I can see me again


RENAE © 2017 \ www.renaemusic.com

Connecting with God


My god, oh my god

I'm here once again! 

Can I take a picture 

Or draw with a pen?


Words can be misleading 

It's hard to describe 

A shift in perception 

Seen through inner eyes


Like hazy confusion

Has dropped to the ground 

And the silence of cosmos

Is all that surrounds


It's like I'm a pillar 

Of pure solid gold 

While atoms of stardust 

Flow through my soul 


No angels are singing 

No mystical woos 

Just me and my body 

Our heart and the truth 


My god, oh my god 

I remember again 

We're bonded together 

Forever, amen. 


RENAE © 2017 \ www.renaemusic.com


I am anchored in my body 

From my head down to my toes 

Through each leg and arm and finger

From my gut up to my nose 


From this view I'm fully present 

With abundant love to give 

All my dreams are fully realized 

Because truth is all there is


I am grounded I am sturdy

All the thoughts just come and go 

Because lies could never vibrate

With the truth I've always known


I am anchored in my body 

From my head down to my toes

I'm a vessel made of stardust 

Through which all the magic flows 


You Were Born A Puzzle Piece 


You were born a puzzle piece 

with curved and cornered sides

in a pattern so unique 

it must be by design 

we all try to change our shape

try to bend and squeeze

but everyone already fits 

in the grand masterpiece 

There’s no picture on a box

no reference you can follow

We have to always try and fail 

like there’s no tomorrow 

I know it feels like you're alone

like no one understands 

I promise we’re all searching too

to find that someone’s hand

But nobody can see your face 

if you’re always looking down 

So trust that you will find your place

And turn yourself around


RENAE © 2017 \ www.renaemusic.com

The Piano Player's Fingers

The piano player's fingers 

Have me in a trance 

Like energetic angels 

They paint a cosmic dance 


To see it and to hear it 

Resonates my skin 

Each enchanting moment 

Is a doorway to within 


His mind may be in wander 

But his fingers know the way 

His practice makes a channel

For god to sing and play 


Oh piano player's fingers 

Please teach us how to be

Humans surely lost their way

But music sets us free



RENAE © 2017 \ www.renaemusic.com

RENAE © 2017 \ www.renaemusic.com

RENAE © 2017 \ www.renaemusic.com



I have no idea what I'm doing

As I tiptoe from this life 

Of golden streams and fancy dreams 

That are no longer mine 


And I can't tell if I'm scared 

That my head can't take the pain

Or if the stars inside my heart

Just know a better way  


Cause when I sit in silence 

Inside the arms of love 

To my surprise a voice inside 

Says I've already won


So I just keep on breathing 

Breathing in and out 

Through it all standing tall 

From the inside out 


I have no idea what I'm doing 

As I tiptoe from this life 

Of golden streams and fancy dreams

But I know that it's right