Align Crystal Set + Music

*ALIGN Crystal Set + Music by RENAE*

Connecting with myself through my 7 chakras has been a super fun, transformative way to help me raise my vibration and align with my true self! In this ALIGN Chakra Crystal Set, I’ve put together a very special assortment of 7 amazing crystals - each that resonate with one of your 7 chakras. 

How to use them? However you’d like! Personally I do this: At the start of each day, I ask myself: “How do I want to feel today?” I choose between the 7 chakra stone vibrations -- grounded, sensual, confident, love, expressive, intuitive, or oneness -- then I pick up that stone, do a little gratitude meditation, throw it in my purse, and go into the day super aligned :D You can also use them for inspiring home decor, reiki healing, rituals, a gift for your loved ones, etc! 

The ALIGN Chakra Crystal Set comes with:
💎 7 hand-picked chakra crystals by me, RENAE :) Each crystal is charged on my windowsill in the moonlight overnight and I give them all a personalized love prayer before I send them out. See below for crystal descriptions. 
💎 A cute little flannel crystal pouch
💎 A crystal description card
💎 2 free song downloads - 1 song and 1 meditation track from our chakra-inspired album “Align” (visit for a preview of the music!)

Red Jasper [root chakra] -- the deep red, rough earthy texture of this stone can help you feel more grounded and less anxious :)

Carnelian [sacral chakra] -- the rich orange color and smooth texture of this stone can help you feel more sensual and tuned into your life experience :)

Pyrite [solar plexus chakra] -- the super sparkly, bold texture, and golden color of this stone can help you feel more confident and inspire your true radiance to shine :)

Green Agate [heart chakra] -- the deep green color, smooth texture, and circular bands on this stone can help you feel more embraced by your true vibration of unconditional love :)

Blue Calcite [throat chakra] -- this stone is both rough and smooth, and has a soft beautiful blue color that helps inspire your true, authentic expression :)

Amethyst [third eye chakra] -- this mystical, purple geode cluster can help you feel more intuitive and trusting in your own wisdom and insight :) 

Clear Quartz [crown chakra] -- the pure, clear color and icy smooth texture of this stone can help inspire you to be open to receive miracles and connect with a higher vision and purpose in life :) 

**(headphones / speakers not included)
**(the stones you will receive will vary from the exact stones in the photos. All stones are between 1 - 2.5 inches)


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