Align (Deluxe) CD + Crystal Set

Hi, I’m RENAE. I’d love to share with you our ALIGN CD + ALIGN Chakra Crystal Set! 

The ALIGN (Deluxe) CD is the first of its kind - a Pop / Meditation Music album based on the 7 chakras. On this album, we’ve crafted 7 songs and 7 meditation tracks that are all metaphorically, lyrically, and sonically tuned to the musical keys each of our 7 chakras. 

The ALIGN Chakra Crystal Set is the perfect vibrational compliment to our music -- I’ve put together a very special assortment of 7 amazing crystals - each that resonate with one of your 7 chakras, and carry the same vibrational tone of each song. 

I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for the past few years, and this album and crystal set is the expression and channel for it all. I’ve found that high vibrational music- creating it, singing it, and meditating with it - is the most powerful alignment tool in the world. It centers me, it inspires me, it aligns me with my true vibration, it connects me with a higher knowing. These crystals enhance that powerful alignment experience! 

How to use the music and crystals? However you’d like! Personally I do this: At the start of each day, I ask myself: “How do I want to feel today?” I choose between the 7 chakra vibrations -- grounded, sensual, confident, love, expressive, intuitive, or oneness -- I then listen to that chakra's meditation track, pick up its stone, do a little gratitude meditation, throw it in my purse, and go into the day super aligned :D You can also use the crystals for inspiring home decor, reiki healing, rituals, a gift for your loved ones, etc! 

[ to preview our music, click here ]

The ALIGN (Deluxe) CD includes: 
🎵7 chakra-inspired pop songs
🎵7 chakra-inspired instrumental meditation tracks
🎵A special acoustic bonus track recorded at Abbey Road Studios
🎵Album booklet art with handwritten notes, lyrics, and photos

Track Listing
1. Wild
2. Wanderlust 
3. Tightrope 
4. Human 
5. You Do You 
6. True North
7. Ripples
8. Ripples (Acoustic Live At Abbey Road)
9. Wild (Root Chakra Meditation) 
10. Wanderlust (Sacral Chakra Meditation) 
11. Tightrope (Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation) 
12. Human (Heart Chakra Meditation) 
13. You Do You (Throat Chakra Meditation) 
14. True North (Third Eye Chakra Meditation) 
15. Ripples (Crown Chakra Meditation)- Listening to vinyl for setting an intention to spend that time to be present in the now.

The ALIGN Chakra Crystal Set comes with:
💎 7 hand-picked chakra crystals by me, RENAE :) Each crystal is charged on my windowsill in the moonlight overnight and I give them all a personalized love prayer before I send them out.
1 Red Jasper [root chakra] 
1 Carnelian [sacral chakra] 
1 Pyrite [solar plexus chakra] 
1 Green Agate [heart chakra] 
1 Blue Calcite [throat chakra]
1 Amethyst [third eye chakra] 
1 Clear Quartz [crown chakra] 
💎 A cute little flannel crystal pouch
💎 A crystal description card

Enjoy the musical vibrations! 

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