Musical Mantra (tarot reading & personalized meditation video)

Using high vibrational meditation music, your voice, a melody, and lyric - to me is the most powerful tool to shift your vibration and to start manifesting your dream life. 

You will walk away with a very special, and personalized meditation that you can use in your every day life. 

In this special listing, I give you a personalized "Musical Mantra" card reading! Here's how it goes...

I will record a 10 minute video for your where...

1. I choose a card for you from an inspirational card deck
2. I then light a candle and choose a few crystals and meditation music for you from our album align
3. While listening to the music, I channel a melody for your card and sing an original Musical Mantra over the meditation music. 

I came up with this unique card reading technique on my weekly Facebook Live show. Every week, I get about 20,000 views on my Facebook Live stream, where I select a few people at random to give musical card readings to. I realized that my inbox was flooding with people asking if they could pay for a private card reading, so this is my answer to your request! 

**ADD ON** I use crystals in these readings as well. I’d love to send you these crystals + your inspirational card so you can use them in your daily meditation. Click the link below for this special add on to your service!

I'd love to create a personalized Musical Mantra for you. When you click buy, you will instantly be sent a short questionnaire where you will fill out 3 simple questions. Send it back to me and I will get started on recording your video!

I recommend you sing or listen to your musical mantra every morning to shift your vibration and to start manifesting your dream life. 



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Message us anytime! We will do our absolute best to get back to you in 24 hours (most of the time it’s less :)).

Enjoy the music and crystal vibrations!

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