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October 19, 2017



Hello Moon Goddesses! Today we’re talking about how the phases of the moon can help us manifest our desires. We are the creators of our own destiny, but sometimes we have desires that are stopped in their tracks by our limiting thoughts or lack of focus. Using the moon phases to help guide our intentions along is a wonderful tool not only because of it’s consistent pattern every month, but because syncing ourselves up to the rhythm of nature is healing and powerful! When you think about the effect that the moon has on the tides of the ocean, it seems the moon must have an effect on us as well considering that our bodies are 60% water. Let’s take a moment to step out of our technology-driven lives, and remember the forces of nature we inherently are!

The moon phases can be broken down into four main stages: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.


[To keep track of the moon phases each month, I recommend purchasing a moon phase calendar (there are some super cute ones on etsy) or downloading a free moon phase app on your phone. These will help you keep a magical focused mindset!]


New Moon – Intention Setting

Ex: I intend to stand in my power with confidence! Yas Queen!


This is the time to set your intention for the month. It may be fun to do a New Moon ritual like grabbing some tea, a crystal, a notebook and sitting outside under the moonlight. Spend a few minutes breathing, relaxing, and allowing an intention to naturally arise. It can be anything from external goals such as “I intend to find the right business partner” to more internal aspirations, like the example above.

  1. Focus on the feeling. Get out of your intellectual mode and feel the resonance of each word. Visualize what the intention looks and feels like. Does it give you warm fuzzy feelings of joy, love, or vibrancy? If so, that’s a good sign that your intention is coming from a heart-centered place and is serving your higher self.

  2. Make sure the wording is positive and in the present tense. There is a big difference between “I intend to stand in my power with confidence” and “I intend to not be so self-conscious anymore.” The second uses negative words, instead go for the first one!

  3. Write it down in your notebook and reflect.




Waxing Moon – Intention Action
  • I am proud of myself.

  • I am powerfully grounded in who I really am.

  • I am confident in my opinions and beliefs.


The Waxing Moon is the time to bring forward moving energy to your intention. For self-improvement type intentions, try making a few affirmations that reflect the intention. Start with the phrase “I am” and feel out what phrases resonate the most. Write them down where you’ll see them — on your fridge, on your mirror, on your forehead, wherever! Practice carrying out your intention in your everyday life. For intentions that are more external, like finding that soulmate business partner, start taking action steps during this time that will give you more opportunities to receive this person. For example, go to that networking event you’ve been meaning to go to, or take time to meditate on what you’re truly looking for. The moon is on your side helping you take action during this waxing moon time.


Also during this time, mindfully take note of any resistance that comes up around carrying out your intention. Write them down somewhere and we will work on letting it all go later in the month.


Full Moon – Intention Celebrating

Ex: Hell yeah!! Progress is happening.


Time to celebrate! Maybe you have noticed a significant difference in your life or maybe you’ve just had a few great moments. Either way, you have started a vibrational momentum towards a desire that came from your higher self and that is something to celebrate!!


Waning Moon – Intention Freeing

Ex: Replaying the judgmental words she said to me does not serve me and my higher purpose, so I’m letting it go! Bye Felicia.


If you’ve noticed any patterns of limiting thoughts or resistance throughout the month against your intention, the Waning Moon phase is a great time to release it. Mindfully untangle yourself and fly free. Question these limiting thoughts. Ask yourself, are they actually true? Probably not. Write them down on a piece of paper and burn them (carefully!) or if you can’t define exactly what the resistance is, dancing, singing, or taking a bath is a great release too.


Wherever you are, know that all is well. You are a beautiful soul with so much to offer the world; the moon phases can be a great tool to help focus your energy. Know that you don’t have to follow moon manifesting rigidly, it is simply a magical way to set intentions and connect with nature at the same time! Always remember, you are a part of the universe and therefore it is always on your side. Happy manifesting!


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