7 Reasons To Make ‘Aligning Your Vibration’ Your New Years Resolution

January 5, 2018

About a month ago, I asked myself “What do I want to see in my life in 2018? How do I want to feel? What do I want to manifest? How can I help others?" As the days went on, my Facebook feed and email inbox started flooding with advice, goal setting, and ‘New Year, New You’ motivation, but nothing was feeling super resonant for me. One night I decided to take some time for reflection. I poured myself a glass of wine, opened up my balcony door, let the cool breeze tickle my skin, looked into the infinite sky and asked myself “What do I truly want for my life in 2018”? I took a deep breath and searched for the most resonant words I could find: aligning your vibration.


I want to align with my True Vibration, more than I ever have before!


Mmm. Yes. That’s it, that feels so good. My ‘True Vibration’ — my  true self, my soul, my true nature — is the part of me that’s fully aligned with presence, love, and the universe. All I really want is to live from and deepen into this high vibe place, because it just feels SO good :D This has basically been my intention for the last few years, and because of it, my life has changed for the better so dramatically. This year, I want to continue in my unfolding - alchemizing the dissonance, and embodying the vibrant harmony.


I took another deep breath, closed my eyes and dove in a little more. I started breaking down this True Vibration by each of the 7 chakras… putting my hand on each chakra area of my body and speaking from that place…creating 7 clear intentions…


In 2018 I intend…


💜 To feel more grounded and uninhibited by fear…to trust that I’m always supported no matter what (root chakra)


💜 To tune in and really feel the pleasure of the present moment more than ever before (sacral chakra)


💜 To move like a bulldozer of light, confidently rolling forward without hesitation (solar plexus chakra)


💜 To give unconditional love to others and myself, to attract more relationships that match my vibration and to be okay with letting go of people that no longer resonate (heart chakra)


💜 To show up as myself - to sing, write, perform, and speak - more effortlessly than ever!! (throat chakra)


💜 To dream bigger than ever before…to allow that expansive, authentic vision to come to mind, and know that if I can see it then it will happen (third eye chakra)


💜 To trust and let the universe guide me more … allowing unexpected magic to unfold before my eyes (crown chakra)


YASSSS! It all feels so powerful and exactly what I want for 2018. As you know from my album ‘Align,’ I love using the chakras to help organize my inner world - because it’s a great framework to integrate the mind, body, and spirit all at the same time. I feel these intentions in my body, it’s what my cells are asking for, and what I will bring forth, starting right now in this moment!


To me, aligning your vibration is the most powerful New Years intention there is; and using the chakras as a framework, we can see the...


To me, there’s a reason why 92% of new years resolutions fail, and I don’t think it’s because of what all the ‘experts’ say — your goal wasn’t clear enough, you didn’t try hard enough, you were unrealistic. To me, the reason is this: most of our new years resolutions skim the surface of what we actually want. They are more-so external desires based on cultural perceptions, instead of our inner truth. What I think most of us actually want deep down is to feel….free…whole…joyful…powerful… aligned! And when we aim for that internal alignment first, our external reality reflects it. Just like Einstein said:


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” - Albert Einstein



So how do we align with our True Vibration? 


I’ve been exploring and experimenting with that question for years now — through my own spiritual journey, my career as an artist and musician, and attending graduate school for a masters in psychology. We all have our own paths and ways to find it. For me, I get into alignment through tools like high vibe music, meditation, mindful singing, mindful movement, making art, setting intentions and harmonizing my mindset. All of the tools I use are super fun, because I’ve realized that my True Vibration flows best through joy and love! It never feels like hard work, or a “resolution” that I have to apply a lot of effort to achieve —  I’m simply finding ways to tune into the magic of life that’s happening right now.


It would bring me so much joy to share with you these powerful techniques that I use to align with my True Vibration and embody it on a daily basis.


If this resonates with you, please enter your name & email below to Join my FREE 7 Day Align Your Vibes Intention Setting Challenge!


In the challenge I will help you set 7 aligned intentions — one for each of your chakras — through a series of fun worksheets. If you complete all 7 days of the challenge and send me your worksheets, then you’ll get 25% off my “Align Your Vibes” online course that will be available Mid January! Enter your name & email below to join us.

My upcoming "Align Your Vibes" online course is a super fun, experiential class where we practice aligning through music, meditation, singing, movement, expressive art, and mindset worksheets!! We will also create a daily ritual plan to help us stay in alignment all year!



Excited to meet you ~







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