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Heart Chakra Healing for Unconditional Self Love 💚💚💚💚

November 13, 2017

Love is our true vibration. Love is our natural essence. Love is the energy of who you really are. The center of this love resonates in our chest area - around our hearts - aka our heart chakras. 


A flowing heart chakra - feeling unconditionally loving to yourself and others - is your natural state. But we live in a world where we're continuously bombarded by negativity and fear - which can cause some blockage to our love streams. Essentially - our past pain, future fears, and negative conditioning tends to bring our heart chakras out of alignment. 


Heart chakra healing is about reconnecting with your true nature, while soothing and transforming any resistance in the way. 💚💚💚💚


Symptoms of a Blocked Heart Chakra

You may potentially feel...

  • unloved

  • like it's hard to love yourself

  • like it's hard to love others

  • isolated from others

  • bitterness/resentment towards others or self

  • scared to be alone

  • emotionally distant

  • like everyone is against you

  • like it's hard to trust others

  • like it's hard to forgive yourself or others

How To Align Your Heart Chakra

This answer will be different for everyone. But what I would tell everyone is this: be gentle with yourself :)  If you feel your heart chakra is blocked, mindfully appreciate and accept exactly where you are - awareness is the first step to bringing yourself into more alignment. It's totally normal for humans to not be in alignment 24/7. It's all a part of the growth and expansion process! 


Relax for a few moments, gently place your hands on your heart, and ask yourself, 


"What would help me feel more love for myself and others in my life?"

Let your inner guidance inspire you to something that feels warm, loving, and freeing. Maybe it's an activity, a tool, a conversation, some self-care time. Whatever it is, trust it. 

My 5 Favorite Tools For Heart Chakra Alignment 


When I ask myself that question, "What would help me feel more love for myself and others in my life?" my inner guidance continuously leads me to music, meditation, and crystals. 


That's why I created these 5 special heart chakra alignment tools, I'm so happy to share them with you!!




ALIGN (Deluxe) is the first of its kind - a Pop / Meditation Music album based on the 7 chakras. On this album, we’ve crafted 7 songs and 7 meditation tracks that are all metaphorically, lyrically, and sonically tuned to the musical keys each of our 7 chakras. 

I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for the past few years, and this album is the expression and channel for it all. I’ve found that high vibrational music - creating it, singing it, and meditating with it - is the most powerful alignment tool in the world. It centers me, it inspires me, it aligns me with my true vibration, it connects me with a higher knowing. And that’s why I am so inspired to share it with you! :)


>> Click here for our 'Align' album on iTunes <<