Heart Chakra Healing for Unconditional Self Love 💚💚💚💚

November 13, 2017

Love is our true vibration. Love is our natural essence. Love is the energy of who you really are. The center of this love resonates in our chest area - around our hearts - aka our heart chakras. 


A flowing heart chakra - feeling unconditionally loving to yourself and others - is your natural state. But we live in a world where we're continuously bombarded by negativity and fear - which can cause some blockage to our love streams. Essentially - our past pain, future fears, and negative conditioning tends to bring our heart chakras out of alignment. 


Heart chakra healing is about reconnecting with your true nature, while soothing and transforming any resistance in the way. 💚💚💚💚


Symptoms of a Blocked Heart Chakra

You may potentially feel...

  • unloved

  • like it's hard to love yourself

  • like it's hard to love others

  • isolated from others

  • bitterness/resentment towards others or self

  • scared to be alone

  • emotionally distant

  • like everyone is against you

  • like it's hard to trust others

  • like it's hard to forgive yourself or others

How To Align Your Heart Chakra

This answer will be different for everyone. But what I would tell everyone is this: be gentle with yourself :)  If you feel your heart chakra is blocked, mindfully appreciate and accept exactly where you are - awareness is the first step to bringing yourself into more alignment. It's totally normal for humans to not be in alignment 24/7. It's all a part of the growth and expansion process! 


Relax for a few moments, gently place your hands on your heart, and ask yourself, 


"What would help me feel more love for myself and others in my life?"

Let your inner guidance inspire you to something that feels warm, loving, and freeing. Maybe it's an activity, a tool, a conversation, some self-care time. Whatever it is, trust it. 

My 5 Favorite Tools For Heart Chakra Alignment 


When I ask myself that question, "What would help me feel more love for myself and others in my life?" my inner guidance continuously leads me to music, meditation, and crystals. 


That's why I created these 5 special heart chakra alignment tools, I'm so happy to share them with you!!




ALIGN (Deluxe) is the first of its kind - a Pop / Meditation Music album based on the 7 chakras. On this album, we’ve crafted 7 songs and 7 meditation tracks that are all metaphorically, lyrically, and sonically tuned to the musical keys each of our 7 chakras. 

I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for the past few years, and this album is the expression and channel for it all. I’ve found that high vibrational music - creating it, singing it, and meditating with it - is the most powerful alignment tool in the world. It centers me, it inspires me, it aligns me with my true vibration, it connects me with a higher knowing. And that’s why I am so inspired to share it with you! :)


>> Click here for our 'Align' album on iTunes <<

>> Click here for our 'Align' album on CD <<



If you’re looking for fun, easy ways to feel more love, peace, and harmony vibes in your life, this course is definitely for you :) In this hour-long, 7 part video series, we align with our true vibration of LOVE through experiential exercises in singing, movement, art making, chakra education, mindfulness meditation, and body awareness.


You will also get a beautiful (and glittery✨ ) PDF workbook to fill out as we go through each video. This course is a compilation of all my favorite alignment tools - ones that I’ve learned intuitively from my personal healing journey, from my experience as an artist / musician, and from studying psychology at the masters level. Every lesson, video recording, and worksheet was hand crafted by me, RENAE, with lots of love! 


Join me in this high vibe course - I’ve realized when we make feeling the vibration of LOVE in this present moment a priority, we not only feel amazing but we become a love magnet and attract incredibly loving relationships into our lives <3

>> Click here to check out the Heart Chakra eCourse <<



In this unique card reading technique that I created, I play meditation music, pull a card for you, channel an original melody, and sing you your card as a "musical mantra." I believe that using high vibrational meditation music, your voice, a melody, and lyric is the most powerful way align your vibration. I came up with "Musical Mantra Card Readings" on my weekly Facebook Live show (click here to watch).


Every week, I get about 20,000 views on my Facebook Live stream, where I select a few people at random to give musical card readings to. I recently decided to make this a personalized service as well. When you sign up, you fill out a short questionnaire, I then record a 10 minute video of your personalized reading. You will walk away with a very special, and personalized meditation that you can use in your every day life. 


>> Click here to book your session with me! Only 5 spots avail. per week <<




I LOVE surrounding myself with high vibe, beautiful crystals. Each crystal type carries a different vibrational frequency that resonates with each of your chakras. I put together these crystal sets by hand - I intuitively choose your stones, charge them overnight in the moonlight, send them out with a little love prayer, and include a music mp3 download card that amplifies your crystals! I love to listen to the music, meditate, and set intentions using these crystals.  


'Align' Heart Chakra Crystal Mini Pack

The 'Align' Heart Chakra Crystal Mini Pack includes 3 green agate crystals, a crystal pouch, and a heart chakra music download card! The deep green color, smooth texture, and circular bands on the green agate stone can help inspire heart chakra alignment - to feel embraced by your true vibration of unconditional love :)


>> Check out our heart chakra stones here <<


'Align' 7 Chakra Crystal Set 


The 'Align' 7 Chakra Crystal Set, includes a very special assortment of 7 amazing crystals - each that resonate with one of your 7 chakras.


How to use them? However you’d like! Personally I do this:


At the start of each day, I ask myself: “How do I want to feel today?”


I choose between the 7 chakra stone vibrations -- grounded, sensual, confident, love, expressive, intuitive, or oneness -- then I pick up that stone, do a little gratitude meditation, throw it in my purse, and go into the day super aligned :D


You can also use them for inspiring home decor, reiki healing, rituals, a gift for your loved ones, etc!


>> View our 7 Chakra Crystal set here <<




One of my favorite ways to stay aligned throughout the day is to wear my crystals. That's why I started making these super high vibe mala bracelets - made of chakra gemstones.


a super powerful heart chakra stone - and amethyst - which speaks deeply to the intuition and wisdom of your third eye. Together, these stones guide you to tune into your inner knowing, align your heart cha