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Self-Love Vibes Gift Guide

February 12, 2018

While it is wonderful to share gifts with partners and best friends ~ it is also a beautiful time to set an intention to love ourselves! So why not gift ourselves with Self-Love Vibes? Read this beautiful quote:


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi


Does that quote resonate? <3 It reminds me of way back when I was in a shitty relationship, arguments all of the time, unhappy, toxic, controlling. It really was NOT great. Anyway, we broke up. And, for the first time ever, decided to take time out to invest time in myself, relax and re-build my confidence.


Hot baths, treats, lots of time saying 'I am' affirmations. It was sooo fun. Totally immersing myself in the love journey :) and I met some super fun friends - one being - my now husband.


This is another reason why I believe, when you are so aligned with yourself, all the people you attract will also be in alignment with who you truly are <3 put the emphasis on feeling love and bliss and let it lead you to a series of things, activities and events and watch the people who show up who match that feeling in you, isn’t that beautiful?


We have created music & tools to help you manifest self-love and bliss in your life - just as it has mine - take a look our Self-Love Vibes Gift Guide here...


ALIGN - our chakra inspired pop album with 7 meditation tracks for each of the chakras $15



ALIGN is the first of its kind - a Pop / Meditation Music album based on the 7 chakras. On this album, we’ve crafted 7 songs and 7 meditation tracks that are all metaphorically, lyrically, and sonically tuned to the musical keys each of our 7 chakras.


I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for the past few years, and this album is the expression and channel for it all. I’ve found that high vibrational music - creating it, singing it, and meditating with it - is the most powerful alignment tool in the world. It centers me, it inspires me, it aligns me with my true vibration, it connects me with a higher knowing. And that’s why I am so inspired to share it with you! :)


Check out our album ALIGN here.


Love Vibes eCourse - align your heart chakra for unconditional self love $38 :)



If you’re looking for fun, easy ways to feel more love, peace, and harmony vibes in your life, this course is definitely for you :) In this hour long, 7-part video series, we align with our true vibration of LOVE through experiential exercises in singing, movement, art making, chakra education, mindfulness meditation, and body awareness. You will also get a beautiful (and glittery✨ ) PDF workbook to fill out as we go through each video. This course is a compilation of all my favorite alignment tools - ones that I’ve learned intuitively from my personal healing journey, from my experience as an artist / musician, and from studying psychology at the masters level <3


Valentines season brings up the subject of love within all of us - maybe it makes us feel like we want more loving relationships, or that we want a more loving relationship with ourselves. Either way, I suggest we give aligning our vibration a try :) In my personal experience, I’ve realized when we make feeling the vibration of LOVE in this present moment a priority, we not only feel amazing but we become a love magnet and attract incredibly loving relationships into our lives <3


Check out our heart chakra course, Love Vibes here.


Self Love Kit - $44



A box of a few of my favorite self-love tools for you :)


💗A handmade crystal gemstone bracelet, made with clear quartz, a rose quartz heart, and lots of love

💗A self-love themed intention candle made of pure soy wax

💗A beautiful shiny heart-shaped rose quartz crystal

💗A mystical amethyst cluster gemstone

💗A soft blue flannel pouch to hold all the love :D

💗A music download card with 1 song and 1 meditation soundscape from our album ALIGN. These tracks are tuned sonically and lyrically to resonate our heart chakras!