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Chakra 101: What is Chakra and how do I connect with them?

October 23, 2017


It seems like everyone is seeking a connection with their true selves 💃 That feeling of inner freedom, wholeness, vibrancy, joy. That effortlessness of who we were when we were little kids. That unconditional love towards ourselves and each other.  Mmmm ✨  yes ✨  we all know this place.  We find it in little moments laughing with our best friends, the flow state of doing an art project, dancing wildly at our favorite concerts, but it seems the tricky part is staying there and living from this true self place in our everyday lives.  So, what is chakra? And, what does this have to do with chakras? Actually everything! 

What is Chakra?


I’m going to explain chakras probably a little differently than you’ve heard before. Honestly, most of what I’ve read about chakras is very analytical and hard for me to grasp. It wasn’t until I started actually experiencing my own inner peace and freedom, that I could then interpret the chakras in a different way, from the inside out. Hopefully this will give you some clarity too 🌤

To me, the chakras are a metaphorical representation of our true selves - helping us feel where our life energy is flowing and where it’s a little blocked. I look at the chakra framework sort of like the food pyramid, but for the psyche. It represents balance and acts as a self-awareness tool or map to help you connect to your mind and body in a conscious way.  


✨ The chakras are usually depicted as 7 main energy centers in the body, each representing a different quality of our true selves: groundedness (the root chakra), sensuality (the sacral chakra), confidence (the solar plexus chakra), love (the heart chakra), expression (the throat chakra), intuition (the third eye chakra), and connection to the whole (the crown chakra)

✨ The chakras are shown as 7 different colors, incorporating the whole spectrum of the rainbow. This adds to the feeling of wholeness. How pretty is that 🌈

✨ The chakras are depicted as being linked to certain parts of our physical bodies. For example, “confidence” is linked to the abdomen area, while “expression” corresponds with the throat area. This isn’t meant to be taken rigidly, it’s just meant to bring awareness to your own mind-body connection and the tendencies throughout humanity. Collectively, we tend to be very disconnected and unaware of our bodies, so this mind-body aspect of the chakras can be very helpful in restoring awareness! 🙏


In a future post, I’ll talk more specifically about how you can use things — like scents 🕯, crystals💎, colors🌈, music 🎶, and foods🍊 — as inspiration to help your chakras flow. But at the end of the day, always follow your bliss, it knows the way to your true self better than anyone. 🙏




What’s a Blocked Chakra?  

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds! 💆 A blocked chakra is just another way of saying you have some sort of belief, idea, or thought that is not aligned with the qualities of your true self. For instance, if you are carrying around thought patterns and beliefs about being weak, not being good enough, or having no power, you could say your “confidence” — aka the solar plexus chakra —is blocked. This could also be reflected in the physical body around the abdomen area. A lack of confident energy sometimes creates a slouch in our posture. Sometimes it can even lead to illnesses such as digestion problems (this happened to me!! I’m all better now 😌)


The word chakra actually translates to “wheel of spinning energy” 🎡 This is why I view chakras as a great metaphor. Try looking at it all like this: Your true essence is one with life, flowing effortlessly in the moment, like a freely spinning wheel (aka chakra). Your negative beliefs about yourself hinders your flow and causes resistance to your natural essence, like a wheel trying to spin through mud (aka blocked chakra).


[Side note: I’ve heard many people argue about whether chakras are real or fake. To me, this is missing the point. Chakra’s aren’t real or fake, they’re not even really a “thing”— they’re an artistic expression of how the energy of our psyche flows through our bodies. If you’re sensitive, you can feel this subtle energetic flow throughout your body, and it is very real, just in a different way 🎨]




Our True Nature

Our true nature is wellness. I’ve shifted my perspective on a lot of things over the years, and this is one of my biggest AHA’s. The 7 qualities the chakras represent —groundedness, sensuality, confidence, love, expression, intuition, and connectedness — are who we are naturally. We are automatically programmed to thrive, just as trees and flowers do with no effort of thought 🌳.  


So why aren’t we always aligned, why aren’t our chakras always flowing? Short answer: humans are lost in thought (as Eckhart Tolle says) 🙄


Many of us remember feeling like our true selves as little kids, but as we grow up, the fear-based influence of our world conditions us out of alignment. We learn to identify ourselves from a place of illusion. We learn to continuously live in the realm of past and future. All of this pulls us away from the true reality, the present moment, where our true nature flows Humans on average think 70,000 thoughts per day, 95% of those are the same thoughts as the day before, and around 70% of all thoughts are negative!  I don’t say this to bring you down, but to generate awareness. Awareness is who you really are. And awareness